Well today is my last day off before I have to go back to the salt mine that is the Firehouse. It’s strange but I’m as tired today as I am when I end my work week. Go figure. Anyway it’s cold in Philly today, a damp cold that kind of sneaks up on you after you have been outside for a while. Today is pretty much a slow day. I had to take my truck BACK to the dealership because they failed to fix the problem I brought it in for last week. My daughter had an allergic reaction this morning and had to stay home from school. She’s highly allergic to milk and during breakfast the bride “accidentially” gave her the wrong cup. Before she realized it, Peach had gulped down half a glass and almost immediately became sick. Now it’s bad enough to get sick from the reaction, but the medicine she has to take to neutralize it kind of wipes her out for a while. So she gets a free day on the couch. Nice.
After all this settled down, I got sprung free to go and exercise my SECOND AMENDMENT rights for a while. Me and the good neighbor (Not the one with the construction crew complete with JACKHAMMER at 0800) went to the range and shot some pistol. John lives directly across the street and he’s a fireman too. He currently is assigned to one of our two Fireboats after plenty of years on the street. Cop’s & Firemen are pretty much common in this neighborhood. He’s an ex-Marine and shoots competition. Real good shot. We had the range to ourselves. I’ve been itching to shoot some pistol lately so today was my chance. I shot my .45 and my 9mm. John shot his Browning 9mm and his snub nosed .38 . He let me try out both and I have to say the .38 surprised me a lot. Up close it will ruin your day alright. I have a more mixed opinion of the 9mm. 12 rounds is cool, but I really like my .45 better. Less recoil and you just can’t beat those .45 rounds. After an hour on the range, the cold finally chased us off, but not until we ran out a couple of mag’s. All in all a bad day at the range beats a great day of golfing! The manliness factor was off the charts today. Ready on the left? Ready on the right? Fire!


  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    Oh yeah, my jackhammer is bad, but your chainsaw is good? Please.

    Shut yer pie hole and let me get a new sidewalk, will ya?

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