Well, it didn’t take long for the coward/treason party to show it’s true colors. Today’s installment of “Real American Dirtbag” features none other than Democratic leader Charlie Rangel. This guy is deserving of scorn, loathing and contempt in U.S. tons.

It seems good time Charlie thinks we need to reinstate the draft. Really. This is priceless. Charlie thinks we need a draft, not because we need more soldiers to go out and kill the maniac terrorists who want to destroy our Western civilization and kill or enslave the lot of us, nooooo. Charlie wants to reinstate the draft so that mommies and daddies will get upset that Johnny and Suzie will actually have to go off and serve their country despite the fact that Johnny and Suzie are old enough to make their own choices and are called ADULTS. (Or does that term only mean they are able to terminate their pregnancies? It’s Ok to kill unborn innocent children, but not maniac, murderous terrorists.) But I digress…

In theory, mommy & daddy will put so much pressure on the President (including future Presidents) that there will be no way the C.I.C. will commit U.S. troops to battle. So in effect there will no longer be a professional military capable of defending the United States. The greatest military force in the history of the world will be replaced by a contingent of disgruntled college age brats, who don’t want to be wear they are, be told what to do, act responsibly, put their lives on hold or be inconvenienced in any way for a cause they don’t believe in anyway. (Democracy, freedom, justice, peace, national interests, security, etc.)

And there will be no support for using such a force anyway, probably just as well. In effect we will have become the European Union. OH MY GOD! Now to illustrate Rangel’s Hypocricy he has already tried this stunt. The Republicans in Congress called his bluff and he actually ended up calling for everyone to vote no on HIS bill. He ended up voting no as well. It was defeated in a landslide. What is very telling is that it only got two Yes votes. Swell, loser. This is what these people are doing with our time and money, useless exercises in cowardice.

If this bill ever gets passed it will mean that the United States will no longer be capable of defending itself…us. Get it? Then and only then will the Democrats sleep easy. Imagine if the Democrats gave the President SUPPORT during this conflict instead of undermining him and the troops? Maybe we would be in better shape to do a “Phased withdrawal”. The soldiers didn’t lose Viet Nam the politicians did. They will say the same thing about Iraq in short order if we don’t get it together. The soldiers learned from the mistakes of Viet Nam, too bad the politicians didn’t.

Support the Troops.



  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    And don’t forget; Kerry and Edwards tried to scare everyone in 2004 that the Evil George Bush was going to reinstate the draft. Funny how it’s the Democrats that are actually calling for it now.

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