Ok, Whackers here they are…inside pictures of the new fireboat being built for the PFD. My source took these last week and now is your chance to get a peek. I didn’t ask about the specifics yet, but it looks like it’s still a little way off from being seaworthy. It beats the old tubs we currently have and maybe doing boat training won’t be such a drag once this puppy hits the waves! Land HO!

6 Responses to NEW PFD FIREBOAT!

  1. Anonymous says:

    That looks really nice. At least you get a little attention from the city.

  2. Wyatt Earp says:

    Where are they gonna mount the .50-cal?

  3. fmragtops says:

    Yeah, but can you fish from it?

  4. rachel says:

    If it’s got a .50 cal, doesn’t that make fishing a lot easier?

  5. Captain Den says:

    Fish water ski & play the Ukelele from the deck. Forget the .50cal, I want torpedo’s!mphex

  6. Tyler D. says:

    Everyone knows that you fish with dynamite.

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