It’s been a long and tiring week for me. Physically and mentally. Physically because my company worked a two alarm fire on our first nightwork this tour. Tuesday night (actually Wednesday morning 00:30) we responded to a working box at 19th & Race Sts. When we arrived, fire was blowing out of three windows of a 3 & 6 story vacant building. It ended up being a three hour firefight, much of it from the exterior due to suspected structural integrity issues with the building. The kicker is that at the beginning of the shift we had a new rookie report for duty. I hate when rookies arrive for their first shift on a nightwork. There simply isn’t any time for them to get their feet firmly planted. On rare instances they end up in the situation we faced, a raging building fire and I barely know their first name. Fortunately things went smoothly.
There is a tradition in the fire service that new members don’t get their helmet numbers (Company Numbers) until they either complete their probationary period or get their first fire. Company numbers are a source of pride and need to be earned. Many a rookie has suffered through a drought with no numbers on their helmet. After that first job they get their numbers in front of the entire company and it is a fond memory that they carry with them for the rest of their life and career. Well my rookie had the unbelievable of getting (HER) numbers six hours into her first shift. Talk about bragging rights!
Anyway the hammers are how I am feeling today after some much needed sleep and reflection on this gruesome week in politics. Much of my rage has already been vented in some heated back and forth with my friend and A**hole liberal buddy Ed The Painter. He thinks it’s funny that the Republicans went down in flames. Although the Republicans clearly brought this on themselves, it’s no laughing matter. We are a country still at war folks. At war with an insidious enemy that makes no distinction between civilians and combatants. An enemy determined to hit us at home again. We just handed them the keys to the front gate. We should all be ashamed to have let this happen. We should know better. Captainden

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