Well it seems my kids have more half days of school than full days. What’s that all about? The school district schedules half days on Friday, I guess so the teachers can jet early for the weekend. Nice gig. Well when I am off from work on these half day Fridays, I usually pick the monsters up from school. (Being the involved dad and all of that) If the wife is at the salt mine I have to whip up some lunch as well. Cripes. Well we all know that means it’s going to be pizza place Friday. It’s my way of being a benevolent dictator. Well as luck would have it, the little woman dodged work this week on half day Friday and I’m off too. Now how are we going to kill a whole afternoon, all of us being together without killing each other? I mean we are actually going to have to function together for a couple of hours as a family unit. Can you say quality time? Oh man is this gonna be ugly. Well luckily I was ready. I dug deep down into my dad bag of magic tricks and perilous escape formula’s and pulled out…BOWLING. Yep. Big balls of plastic, long wood lanes and ten menacing pins in dire need of a lesson, all while wearing goofy community shoes. I have to admit that since the kids have grown up some we’ve hit the lanes a couple of times now and guess what? It’s been a blast. I thought bowling went extinct in the 50’s. Boy was I wrong. The over 70 crowd rules the bowling matinee scene these days and boy are these old timers good. So we spent the afternoon watching the kids slip and slide and spin and push the ball down the lane. Laughing at each others foolishness the whole time. It actually was a great time. The kids started to peeter out half way through the second game, but all in all everyone had fun. The leftover Halloween candy helped. The site of the little guy with a cheekful of Juicy Fruits heaving a size six bowling ball and sliding belly first after it was side splitting. The girl was just as funny with her indifferent attitude toward the whole thing. She was having fun but somehow wanted to play off that this whole thing was too silly for someone about to turn nine. Except when she hit a strike! Uh huh. Silly alright. Friday turned out to be a nice contrast to Texas Chainsaw Saturday. More about that later. Captainden

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  1. RT says:

    It is nice to read that your family had such a good time. My dad used to take me bowling when he had charge of me on Saturdays.

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