I just want to take a second to thank everyone who has helped me launch this abominable blob of a blog. I’ve passed my first one thousand hits. Norton from Walleye Springs qualified for the Omaha Steaks gift certificate, Congrats!! buddy, enjoy. But seriously Wyatt from Support Your Local Gunfighter & his buddy Tyler D. from .45 Caliber Justice have helped me out big time. It’s also great fun to “blog over the fence” like I do with Wyatt since we’re neighbors. In the spirit of John Kerry I also want to thank all the little people, the coloreds, the dopes in the military, those crippled bastards who beg for change and the Peons in the House of Represantatives for reading FirstIn and taking the time to send me hate e-mail. So from all of us to all of you…BIG KISS!!! Now lets celebrate with some Tank Video’s enjoy!



5 Responses to THANKS TO ALL!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t kiss people who wear lipstick, but congrats anyway!

  2. Tyler D. says:

    No one said if you liked the Flame logo or not? I just made one. I didn’t ask what color you would have preferred.

  3. Captain Den says:

    Tyler check your e-mail!!

  4. Wyatt Earp says:

    Yeah, Den! How ’bout a little gratitude to our brother from South of the Mason Dixon Line??

    Congrats on your first 1,000.

  5. RT says:

    Congratulations! 🙂

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