I’m a big WWII warbird fan. Aside from the fact that they are instruments of war, the military planes of that era are some of the coolest machines ever made. The guys who designed and flew them were on the cutting edge of the times. This is the famous Lockheed P-38 Lightning. I love this plane because I pretty much love anything that Lockheed did in aviation. Who can forget the “Skunk Works”?. It also represents something else that I value “Thinking outside the box”. There are many twin engine fighters of that era and many multi- engined bombers for sure. But there are not many twin boom planes that I know of except this. This was a radical design for the times. This plane was fast and hard to hit. It was a flight of P-38’s that shot down Japanese Admiral Yammamoto, the architect of the Pearl Harbor attack. Nice job fellas. So for sheer cool looks, a distinguished battle history and a cool name, the P-38 has my vote for a spot in the Warbirds Hall of Fame. If I was a pilot in WWII this is the plane I would fly. Thanks to all our WWII vets for all your sacrifices in defense of liberty. Captainden



  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    Of course, those WWII pilots weren’t book smart enough to get real jobs, so they were “stuck” in the Pacific theater.

  2. Captain Den says:


  3. The Old Man says:

    P-61, dude. Black Widow. In tests after the war it was revealed to be most maneuverable fighter in the war. Twin engines, twin booms, radar and 4 50s in a turret to backup the wing guns….

  4. Captain Den says:

    WELL PLAYED SIR! Thats right the Northrop P-61 Black Widow was a twin boom design. Very maneuverable, but low production numbers- about 700 in a few variants. Night fighter and haevily armed.
    Spot on!

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