Ok, this starts out lamely, I admit it. Any time something starts out with “Did anyone happen to catch The View today?” it’s bound to be foul. But stick with me on this.

Rosie O’Donnell is a dirtbag for a whole host of reasons, that’s a given. Now she has re-emerged on ABC’s morning vomit fest “THE VIEW.” She’s now become more obnoxious and offensive than ever. Her never ending rantings, her indefensible positions, her constant partisan extremism is either totally unbecoming a so called family network or is part and parcel what ABC has become- a haven for left wing media, propaganda & opinion posing as news and entertainment with Rosie leading the way.

That being said, the wife likes to hear Rosie stick her foot in her mouth, so she was watching this morning and I was surfing over to The Conservative UAW Guys blog, when I hear Rosie start talking politics. Never being one to miss a train wreck, I bolt upstairs to get a ringside seat. Well the assembled brain trust of The View – led by Barbara Walters – started in about talking politics.

It went back and forth until Joy Behar said something about Condoleeza Rice. There was speculation as to whether a Republican woman could be the President. Rosie didn’t like that. Apparently Condi is taking orders from the White House. Woooa. Really? She just happens to work for the President. Duh! But the thinking went on that MAYBE if she got elected that somehow she could change and (See the light?) somehow become (good)? Implying that (She is not now good or her own person?) It all happened so fast my head was spinning.

Then Rosie finally spouted that somehow she was afraid if Condi got elected she would unzip her skin and Dick Cheney would pop out. Patently offensive. Let’s have a little perspective on this: Condi Rice- Dr. , Secretary of State, Former National Security Adviser, Stamford University Provost, expert in foreign relations, one of, if not the most highly educated and accomplished individuals to ever serve in the White House in any capacity. The collective membership of the entire ABC network could not carry her water, yet she has to endure criticism from the uneducated, idiotic cool aid drinking, blow hard Rosie O’Donnell.

With her remarks, fat Rosie makes it clear that an African American woman who doesn’t believe the way she does must not be her own person. Somehow she is being controlled by the evil likes of Dick Cheney and if she could only get away, then MAYBE she could become her own person and see the enlightened positions of those who think like Rosie, MAYBE. Nevermind the fact that if she didn’t believe in her job she could always RESIGN like Colin Powell did. How’s that for narrow minded, patronizing, liberalism?? So today First In! recognizes Rosie for what she really is… A Real American Dirtbag.


  1. kateykakes says:


    Slobs like Rosie aren’t worth getting upset about. She’s a POS. Always has been; always will be.

    Eff her and I do NOT mean literally!

  2. RT says:

    Slob is a good word, KK. She’s icky and her only talent is the delivering of her bile.

  3. RT says:

    Funny, Tyler!

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