Thanks to Trekmedic for passing along that Firstin has gotten it’s first notice from the outside world. My endorsement of Raj Bhatka for congress was picked up by the candidates own blog.
Check it out here:http://rajforcongress.blogspot.com/ While your there check out what he has to say and consider throwing him your vote. After seeing Raj at the border I am convinced that he gets it. Captainden


5 Responses to HE SHOOTS, HE SCORES!!!

  1. superclosetnerd says:

    I can’t believe this. I set out to get some ideas on my new site.. you know themes, color, layout, etc…. and I can’t believe how much stuff I’ve found looking around. I’m liking some of the stuff I see here… some good ideas at least. I’m not sure if I want to go with normal blue underlined links or if I want an entire theme of colors for all of the text and the links too. Anyway, nice page, it gave me something to chew on. If anyone actually sees this and feels like it, you can check out my site. fireplace screen

  2. Wyatt Earp says:

    Denny, you have to put word verification in effect. You got your first scumbag spammer!

    BTW, screw you for getting mentioned on a real site before me!!!

  3. Captain Den says:

    I’m such an ass. I actually checked this guys site and couldn’t figure him out. Spammer, duh! (Actually I’ll do anything to get my hit count up) Wazzzup!

  4. kateykakes says:


    Glad you took Wyatt’s advice and turned on the word verification. Spammers are the worst!

    I’ll continue to pimp you out and try to bring some readership here. I’ll throw a mention on a few of the forums I visit too if that’s ok.

  5. Captain Den says:

    With that avatar how could I say no?? Thanks a ton!!!

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