Today I want to spout a little about my favorite artist. That would be the man Frank Frazetta. This guy absolutely wrote the book on cool fantasy artwork. Most people know his work from the many album covers he did for the southern rock band Molly Hatchet. The picture here is one of his most famous “Death Dealer”. Frank has nailed down the fantasy art genre and his pictures of Vikings, Warriors and Maidens are the best. I have been a big fan for many years. His museum is in East Stroudsburg P.A. I made the pilgrimage a couple of years back with my boy Ed the Painter. It’s really cool, kind of like a gothic castle right out of the middle ages. I want to get up there again if I get the chance. In my sidebar, at the bottom is another Frazetta masterpiece “Outlaw of Torn”. It is my total favorite work of art. There is just something about that painting that I like. Funny how in my travels on the job I have been in some of the best art galleries and museums Philadelphia has to offer and for me nothing compares to Frazetta. Oh well I guess art like porn is in the eye of the beholder.
Seeing his work, much like any artists work in person is a must. Here’s the link to his website: Even though Franks getting on in years he still shows up at the gallery from time to time. The Gallery itself is on the Frazetta’s personal estate. So if you want to do something way cool on a weekend this fall take a ride up to Stroudsbourg. Screw the railroad museum and hit the Frazetta gallery. That’s hot… Captainden

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