I really, really tried to restrain myself, but alas I am sooo weak. Has anybody beside me heard enough about Wyatts misadventures in a shorehouse full of men in Jersey? Yikes!! When I found out he was going, I paid a Mexican baggage handler to snap a few pictures if he had the opportunity. Well Jose’ didn’t disappoint. IN FACT HE HIT PAYDIRT! Here is a shot of Wyatt and his posse looking for one of his balls that went off course on the 7th hole. I have to point out and I think everyone will agree with me that that the gym has been paying off too. Wyatt’s the guy on the far left blocking the sun. He wouldn’t have it any other way! Captainden

3 Responses to MAN WEEKEND

  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    You are so dead.

  2. RT says:

    Looks like “all the ‘old’ dudes” had a less than ok time, judging by the “I’m too cool” looks on their faces.

  3. Captain Den says:

    I just knew the picture of Mott The Hoople would come in handy!

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