Well nothing really new today. I was going to post another edition of Real American Dirtbag but my energy is a little sapped from working overtime last night. There seems to be no end to the hours we can work. The firehouse was relatively quiet this week (unusual). It’s like the calm before the storm. Since it’s getting cold, people will be firing up their heaters soon enough and it will be time to go put out those ever declining (statistically speaking) fires that just seem to break out every year around the time it gets cold. Hmmmmm? Go figure.
Anyway I managed to get to Sears in between shifts this week and pick up a new Chainsaw. There are few shopping trips more manly that a trip to Sears to buy a CRAFTSMAN chainsaw (or anything at all with the Craftsman logo on it for that matter). Whew, that will really get the old testosterone flowing lemme’ tell ya. I got model # 35088 with the 18″ bar and 42CC gas engine, for all you Chainsaw aficionados. Anyway I went to get the one that was on sale but after crunching the numbers I spent the extra $40.00 to get 2 extra cc’s and the forged crank. Heh! Heh! How bout’ that? That’s what I’m talking about. So now I can not only keep Wyatt awake when I cut the grass, I can throw in some log cuttin’ for good measure. Now if I can only catch a sale on a leaf blower… rock on! Captainden


  1. Anonymous says:

    Did you do the little grunts like Tim Allen used to do on his show?

  2. Anonymous says:

    have you used this yet? What do you think of it? I just bought one myself.

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