For some reason Blogger would not let me in yesterday so today’s post is a bit delayed. Yesterday was a fairly slow day at the firehouse only six calls. Most turned out to be nothing but the run of the mill nonsense. There was however one call that will stick with me and my crew for a long time. We were called to a certain department store for a person who was reported to be unresponsive. This is usually a call of two extremes. Either someone is drunk out of their minds or dying. When we arrived we found a woman about 5’4″ and about 300 lbs lying flat on her back, on the floor of the woman’s bathroom, turning blue. She was naked from the waist down half in the stall. This is not what I signed up for. She is barely breathing, maybe twice a minute. My crew immediately begins to administer first aid and help her breath. We suspect right away that she has OD’D on Heroine and we are all nervous about where the needles are. A check of her hand reveals sores and track marks associated with interveinous drug use. I contact radio and advise the incoming medic unit of the situation. They are still blocks away so we are on our own. When the medics arrive they waste no time in shooting up the patient with NARCAN. This drug has only one real use and that’s to reverse the effects of Heroine. The first shot was like shooting an elephant. No reaction. So she gets another. After that she slowly begins to come around. You can imagine the scene in the store with Saturday afternoon shoppers gazing in disbelief trying to shield their children. As she begins to come around she begins to have severe trouble breathing. She tells us that she is asthmatic. Now she is having an asthma attack. The problem is she sucked all our oxygen down and we need to retrieve another bottle. As this drama continues she begins to flail about wildly on the floor gasping and wheezing, banging her head and yelling for help. At this point she defecates on the floor. Now keep in mind that she is already covered in filth from laying on the bathroom floor, drool coming out of her mouth and nose. Were trying to keep her calm so she can breath, meanwhile trying ourselves not to wretch from the smell while one of the fellas gets the oxygen. The whole time she refuses to cooperate with us trying to get on the stretcher. I finally threatened to call the cops and miraculously she found the strength to flop onto the stretcher. We strapped her down got a breathing treatment into her and she was taken first class to the nearest appropriate medical facility where she will be treated and released back into society to continue her role as a non productive human parasite. I just wish I could videotape this and show it to high school kids. Anyone still think Heroine is Chic? Captainden

3 Responses to SHOP TALK

  1. Anonymous says:

    Kudos for dealing with that! I think I would’ve turned around and walked out!

  2. RT says:

    Wow. You don’t get paid enough.

  3. kateykakes says:

    God bless you, Den.

    My oldest brother, Joe has been telling me stories like that for years (he’s a FF & an EMS). And as I always tell him, like P/O’s and Medics, FF’s are a special breed.

    Thanks for all you do.

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