Ok this is my manly men doing manly things report. Yesterday I spent the day installing a new fireplace insert. I have a real fireplace in my house and we like to have a fire going in the winter. The kids love to lay on the floor and read books and snuggle up next to the warmth and then torment the sh*t out of each other. ANYWAY, my neighbor super handyman / contractor extroadinaire (not Wyatt, he couldn’t drive a nail if you gave him the car keys) John, has a real nice fireplace insert that heats most of the house. He’s a maniac and a fireman as well. The unit goes right inside the existing fireplace and is basically a wood burning heater. So I liked it and he convinced me to get one. Well yesterday was D-Day. All together I spent about 2 grand on the whole project. The heater weighs about 300 lbs. It’s lined with bricks. There’s also a liner that goes up the chimney. Holy cow! Thankfully and surprisingly I only had to make one emergency run to Lowes for some insulation that somehow got overlooked. Not bad. It took about 6 hours but we weren’t killing ourselves. The wife brought us corned beef specials halfway through and that definitely slowed things down. Other than that no problems and we have already fired it up. No smoke in the house and warm as hell.
So I’m going to start another Firstin blog, feature-THE HOME PROJECT MANLINESS RATING- OK lets see- Tools used- screw driver, open end wrench, bench grinder, caulking gun, rotary cut off grinder, extension ladder, clamps, safety goggles, head bandana, gloves, tin snips, hammer, block of wood, tin crimpers and some rope for an overall manliness rating of 8.5 Number of floors involved-2, main floor and roof. Overall manliness rating of 8.5 Dirt factor was average-6, lots of soot requiring immediate decontamination at jobs end. Debri factor average-6, cardboard boxes right to the trash. So it looks like we’ll give the fireplace insert about a 7.5 overall Manliness rating. This was a VERY manly project. It did tend to score a little low due to very few complications and ease of project. However using the grinder and being up on the roof automatically made this as manly as they get. Manly men doing manly things…THAT’S the America I know and love! Captainden


  1. Anonymous says:

    You are my kind of man–one that can get things done!

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