In case there are any posers out there who doubt my Maiden fandom, here is one of my prized possessions. This is a leather vest, painted by my #1 boy Ed the painter. He did it for me when I got promoted to Captain in the PFD. We go way back to the early days of hand painted blue jean jackets (Circa 1982). I’m talking the days of the Parkwood Tuxedo. For those of you not familiar with that expression let me explain. Parkwood is a section of N.E. Philly. Primarily a white, working class neighborhood where all the boys wore one of the following jackets: A Navy Pea Coat, A US Army Field Jacket (Viet Nam era- OD green, not camo) A black leather biker jacket and for spring and fall a Levi’s denim, preferably with a hand painting of whatever was the coolest album cover at the time. Most of us had more than one if not all. Each jacket had it’s own etiquette. If you were going somewhere where there could be violence (like the Octoberfest) the black leather was the choice of the day. If you were looking to hook up with the chicks, the Pea coat was up. If you were going drinking in the woods on Friday night it was field jacket time. So even though it was high school, there were style rules. Where I’m from you didn’t wear a Members only Jacket unless you were on the math team. Those guys are all currently executives with fortune 500 companies, driving 06′ Corvettes and nailing trophy blondes. Go figure. Anyway those were heady times. The best part of all is that Maiden lives! Captainden


6 Responses to MORE MAIDEN

  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    And let me expose the good captain’s uniform of the day today:

    Denim jacket.



    The Parkwood Tuxedo lives on!!!

  2. Captain Den says:

    Jealousy will get you nowhere. How’s that “workout regime” coming along? Abandoned it for the cookie diet yet? You know you want one…

  3. RT says:

    I had a denim jacket with a Metallica “Jump in the Fire” backpatch. Yea…the Vietnam era field jacket was quite the staple of the “burn outs.” I miss the flannel, concert shirts, and thermal underwear shirts, too….comfy! I always thought the guys with the flannels, thermals, hoddie sweatshirt, and leather jacket were hot.

  4. dragonlady474 says:

    That is an awesome painting on your vest. My compliments to the guy who painted it.

    The only jean jacket I had with a painting on it was something I did myself which turned out okay, but nothing spectacular. It was an angel playing an electric harp. It sounds way more glorious than it turned out lol.

  5. Captain Den says:

    You can check out his awesome work at the link I have posted in my sidebar. Tell him the Captain sent ya!!

  6. The Conservative UAW Guy says:

    Maiden does rule!

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