This afternoon my brothers in the FDNY were once again called on to restore order from chaos. In what is one of the most challenging fires that we ever have to face they did a ass kicking job. A small plane (possibly) carrying a pitcher for the NY. Yankees crashed into a high-rise apartment building in NYC killing four people. Early reports are that the plane suffered mechanical failure. My condolences go out to the families of the deceased. Early reports are that eleven NYC firemen were injured (none seriously). They are also in my prayers. When you hear reports like that you tend to shrug them off. It often seems like the only thing that gets our attention is the body count, the fatalities. Keep in mind the types of injuries that firefighters suffer can often be career ending. Lacerations, broken bones, torn ligaments and the ever present burns. An NFL lineman who tears an ACL is gone for the season. A fireman who tears an ACL carrying 60 pounds of gear may be done. Hats off to the professionals of the FDNY, New York’s Bravest. Captainden

One Response to GOD BLESS THE FDNY

  1. RT says:

    I was thinking, “just imagine getting that call…too eerie, and then to be willing to just run into the building after everything that happened the last time.” True bravery.

    I was watching an interview with a man who had witnessed the crash and you could tell he was reliving 9/11 in his mind. It was so sad.

    I’m glad none of the firemen were seriously hurt.

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