Well if it wasn’t so scary it really would be as funny as “Team America”. The world as we know it may not be over, but it definitely has changed as of today. Apparently Kim Jong Ill and his failed nation state have tested a nuclear weapon in open and utter defiance of not only the USA, but the rest of the world community. What balls. Soon Iran will do the same. Why not? The worlds only superpower (That would be the USA) is apparently not entirely comfortable in that role unfortunately endangering us all. It remains to be seen what if anything we will do in response. Rest assured every other Tin Pot dictator and two bit terrorist out there will be watching. Since we are the big boy on the world block, everyone else is A) Jealous & B) Looking to take us out. That’s the natural order of things in this world. On Mars it may be different, but right here on Earth, between all living species, the fight for survival is a constant. The quest for power is also a constant. It’s not that hard to wrap your arms around that concept. Once you do, once you embrace that idea that survival is not guaranteed, that you have to work at it, the much more sane you will be and the more rational your decision making process will become. We must not fall asleep at the switch. We must confront those countries who wish us harm and if need be eliminate them. But I’m not sure that we have the intestinal fortitude to do it. Imagine that instead of 60 years ago, Normandy beach needed storming TODAY. Would we do it??? I hope so, but I’m not 100% sure we could muster the support at home let alone around the world.
Lets face it: there are people in our own government who STILL think we can talk our way to peace with these lunatics. Alphabetadinajad in Iran, Ass-ad in Syria, Chavez in Venezuela, Kim Jung Il in N. Korea, even Castro are all working to actively destroy the USA. Can you imagine the rest of the world if the USA falls? Think about it… we guarantee the freedom, security and stability of probably half of this planet, maybe more. What would stop the forces of darkness from taking over if we were out of the picture? Who would step up and fill the vaccume of protector of the ideas of peace, freedom and democracy for the rest of the planet? The Canadians? Maybe after hockey season. The Australians? They would like to but them being on the bottom of the other side of the planet with no way of getting anywhere leaves them out. ANY country in Europe? Unfortunately by the time they formed six working groups, three investigative committees and two high level commissions to study the issue, they would decide that there wasn’t any such thing as evil. After which they would promptly give each other awards of merit, & retire for a late lunch and make deals with the devil himself! Make no mistake about it: The USA has only a few friends in this world. They are NOT RUSSIA: Putin is a dictator. NOT CHINA: China is still a communist dictatorship bent on running the USA into the ground both economically (they have a billion people who can make anything they want and eat the loss) and they hope militarily. NOT FRANCE: don’t get me started on the frigging French. The Germans: They are still confused as to where they fit in in this world. (Note to Germany-Stick with us, dopes) And for good measure EVERY ARAB / MUSLIM COUNTRY WISHES FOR US TO BURN IN AN ETERNAL LAKE OF FIRE GOD WILLING, PEACE BE UPON HIM!!! So when the liberals squak about bring in the “International community, ask yourself who are they talking about? Just today that whacko Nancy Pelosi, in a shocking display of ignorance said that the President should “Appoint a high level muckity muck to Coordinate our efforts on N. Korea” Are you f*cking for real? Thats what we call an AMBASSADOR!! You dim witted BI*CH!!! Another case in point as to why the Democrats cannot be trusted with the security of this country, or the rest of the planet! CaptainAmerica


  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    I’d say to bomb their asses back to the Stone Age, but we could do that with one Stinger missile.

  2. Captain Den says:

    It is only a “Stone throw”…

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