On Thursday nights when I’m not working or more importantly don’t have to get up the following morning, the wife turns a blind eye for a couple hours and I go hang out with the boys. Nothing special just a bunch of guys I grew up with and still live close to. We usually go to my buddy Daves and hang out in his garage and work on whatever project someone toodles up with. Usually it has no sense, like a golfcart with 500 man hours into it (Flame paint job, monster tires ect). It’s just an excuse to hang out, drink beer, talk shit and just be guys. No chicks. Sometimes real work gets done. Engines have been pulled, cars painted, you name it and it’s been done in the garage. There are nights when we are leaving as the sun comes up. Dave’s wife Karen is real good about garage night, sometimes baking us cookies or snacks. She knew what she was getting when she married him and gives him that space. Anyway this week Dave was at the race track so garage night was cancelled. Instead I went to Chickie & Petes with another friend “Ed the Painter”. Ed is one of the best airbrush artists I know of. Since it was “Bike Night” He entered his 1990 Ninja. He gave the bike a complete custom airbrush paint scheme and it looks great. Although there were mostly Harleys there, he took home the trophy for best sportbike. You can check out some of his art at www.roadragegraphics.com. After his historic win we went inside for wings and beer. It was a decent night. I am now officially in the preliminary phase of scheming to get my next bike. CaptainAmerica


  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    “. . . and one of these years, I’ll finsih my ’73 Firebird.”

  2. Captain Den says:

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game, Mr. Fantasy football!!!

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