Its ironic that the very people this entry is about won’t ever read it (Unless someone in Lancaster prints it out for them). Watching the coverage of the Amish Schoolhouse massacre got me thinking about the profound nature of these people. It seems that in a gesture nearly unheard of in the rest of the world, they reached out to the family of the man who brought horror to their community. They have invited them to the funeral to mourn with them. They lost a loved one too. Forgiveness. Wow. On face value you go what the hell? I believe in forgiveness too, but I believe in revenge even more. I guess that’s why I’m not Amish. But strangely enough I get the Amish. You see when your Amish your in for a penny, your in for a pound. The plain lifestyle, the farming, the religious upbringing, the separation from the modern rat race the whole bit. If you believe in that, if that’s your life, then when something like this happens it’s a no brainer. You have to forgive. Otherwise your whole world would be invalidated. It’s a test. Every so often God tests us all. This is the equivalent of a final exam for sure, but a test nonetheless. Could you imagine any other reaction from the Amish? Personally I would like to have seen how fast they could erect a gallows, but that’s not their way. They will look at this as the day the devil came to visit. Forgiveness is their way of claiming victory over him. I can’t say I’d be so human or decent. Anyone who did that to my family had better be in police custody before I get to them, that’s for real. But give the Amish the respect they deserve. In a world full of hypocrites, they are a breath of fresh air. People who actually practice what they preach.

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