In my travels with the Fire Department I’ve been all over the City. I get to go behind the scenes often, places where most people never get to go or see. Since I am an amateur photographer as well (DOUBLE THREAT) I started taking pictures along the way. I have a slick little digital camera that takes real nice pictures. I figure shots of Philly would be a nice addition to the blog so here we are. This is Eastern State Prison in the Fairmount section of the city. It was closed down years ago but personally I don’t see anything wrong with the walls. It is currently a tourist attraction. It’s a little creepy but if you are in the area it’s worth a look. It’s a short distance from the Art Museum. I think Al Capone did some time here as well. Anyway hope you like the shot. CaptainAmerica

2 Responses to PIC OF THE DAY

  1. linda says:

    I like photography. Interesting look for a prison. Usually they look like boxes.

  2. Michael Hodges says:

    yeah looks like a castle hehe

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