I have my own spin on this idea. Instead of limiting how many firearms people can buy a month, I decided to feature one of my favorites every month. This month it’s one of the most rare guns on the planet. It’s the .45 caliber LUGER! Originally sent to the US Army for trials, it almost became the standard issue sidearm for the U.S. Military. It was eventually rejected by the the US in favor of the Colt .45. This pistol was eventually adopted by the Wehrmacht (German Army) only in 9mm. The rest is history. There were only two known to exist. Serial #1 was thought to have been discarded after the testing and #2 is in the hands of a private collector. Rumors abound that there may have been as many as 20 produced but they are unconfirmed. As far as pistols go, it’s one of my favorites. CaptainAmerica

2 Responses to ONE GUN A MONTH

  1. Michael Hodges says:

    it’s a ‘beaut

  2. Tyler D. says:

    nevermind it is a $2 million dollar gun.

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