The news about all the recent school shootings has really been bothering me lately. Mainly as a parent but also as a citizen. I think its safe to say this world is full of nuts. My daughter has been upset by the shelter in place drills that they practice in her school. It reminds me of the films of the kids in the 50’s hiding from atom bomb blasts under their desks. I remember being scared that the Russians were going to nuke us in the 80’s. (Remember that movie “The Day After”) I think that ‘s what it was called when the missiles took off from the Kansas wheat fields? Holy smokes it was a scary time. The Cold War was raging. I just try to calm her fears while realizing she may grow up too fast thinking about this kind of stuff. But I was thinking about school security and it’s not very impressive. Follow along with my thinking for a second: If I gave you a million dollars would you A) put it in a wheelbarrow and walk it home? or B) Call Brinks and get an armored truck with some armed guards to take it directly to your bank where it will be locked up post haste? If you picked B, take a drink. Now if someone (GOD FORBID) kidnapped your kid and demanded a million dollars (that is now securely in your bank) would you A) Give them the money or B) keep the money and hope for the best??? If you picked A, (the only acceptable answer by the way) take another drink, you earned it.
So now we have established that we would not walk down the street with a million dollars in cash in a wheelbarrow & that we would pay the same million dollars to get our kids back. Yet banks have ARMED guards, cameras, vaults with mag lock doors armored cars to transport our cash and accountants to count it all. But we think nothing of walking down the street with the baby in a stroller and putting ALL the neighborhood kids in a school that anyone can walk into or out of with little or no security. Parents howl in protest at the thought of metal detectors or cameras to protect the kids. I’m not trying to scare anyone, just point out some observations. I think the security of ALL of our schools should be revisited and drastically improved. And we as parents have to get real about the safety of our kids. CaptainAmerica

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  1. RT says:

    We are constantly asking for more security.

    The Day After was on this weekend…flashback to the dread of the 80s.

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