Ok so since the Iggles won last night I’m obligated to blog about them. Blog, Blog, Blog. Ok? Actually it was an ok win. Hell that was only the worst Packers team I’ve seen in years. So It’s good to win the ones we are supposed to. We here in Philly beg for that every year. Just win the ones you are supposed too and things will work out for us. Ok? But usually we get what we saw in the Giants game, a team that on any given Sunday could beat the crap out of their worn out opponent only to play down to them. The Iggles are notorious for sitting on leads, playing prevent defense & letting teams hang around and then losing in bewildering fashion after the game seemed over. Oh the pain… Anyway I’m not a maniac sports guy. I like my home teams and follow the Eagles & Flyers faithfully. The Phillies (told you it was over) will only get back in my good graces when they get serious about winning. There is enough mediocrity in my life, I don’t need it from my Pro teams. I’ll leave the analysis for the other bloggers who follow sports closer than me. Two observations though: What the hell was with the fake field goal?? That was so mysterious the Iggles were faked out too! And the challenge that Fat Andy lost- I happened to be watching the game with Wyatt and we both said it was a loser. How come he didn’t see that? Isn’t the Jumbotron big enough? Its only a city block long! He really makes me nervous. Anyway the real test will come next week with the hated Cowgirls. Whatshisface better take some more pills and grow two more arms. He’s gonna need em’. CaptainAmerica

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