Yet another of what I hope to become a regular feature, the FirstIn, Ten (or so) Most Wanted. The last time I was standing in line at the Post Office (FOR WHAT SEEMED LIKE FRIGGING FOREVER ) I had some time to kill. So I looked around and no kidding there was this stack of wanted posters on this government issue clipboard. I thought they were only in the wild west. After the thrashing the media gave GW over the dead or alive comments, I assumed they were a product of a bygone era. Here it’s the Post Office that still pines for a little frontier justice. How tender. I noticed some of the other people looking at it, but when they saw me take notice, they looked away. Weird huh? Not like they were in the stack somewhere. More like they didn’t want to deal with it. So just to freak them all out, I reached over and grabbed the clipboard and for the next 35 minutes I stood there shuffling forward in line, flipping through the most wanted posters and feigning to scan the room for suspects. Anyway I got to thinking that we should be reminded every so often just who the real bad guys are in life. That way we have a little more perspective when daily events upset our applecart. So it goes without saying that the number one most wanted is Osama Bin Hidin. Maybe we could let Dog the Bounty Hunter out for a few weeks. I’m sure for 25 mil he’ll find him. GW you listening???

3 Responses to TEN (OR SO) MOST WANTED

  1. kateykakes says:

    I was at the post office last week to mail a package to a fellow Domelighter who recently had surgery (Summer and I wanted to cheer him up)…

    Anyway, as I was waiting in line, I immediately looked around for the Most Wanted list. I didn’t see it anywhere.

    I didn’t ask where it was, but probably should have. People in Upper Darby like to stay informed too!

  2. Wyatt Earp says:

    It was taken down and branded as “offensive” to criminals.

  3. kateykakes says:

    Sadly, it’s probably true.

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