Well as Philadelphia’s murder toll is about to break 300, I have some serious questions. Ready? What’s up in the BLACK community. Come again. Huh? That’s right, you heard me. WHAT’S UP IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY??? Cause’ as I see it (Granted I am a white boy) there should be nothing but milk and honey flowing through the streets of North & West Philly. Shall we take stock of the situation? We have a BLACK Police Commissioner & Fire Commissioner. A BLACK Mayor. City Council at least 7 BLACK members at last count. That’s pretty good representation for a city that’s MAJORITY (52%) BLACK. Instead there were “multiple gun battles” out west over the weekend according to the news. Excuse me? Multiple Gun Battles? Were not talking about Al Anbar province are we? We’re talking about the 5th largest city in America. Now I know the mainstream media’s solution to all the gun mayhem is to disarm the “rest” of us, but I don’t live in fantasy land. The rest of us are law abiding citizens. Just stop with that nonsense. My block is as heavily armed as any one in any other section of the city. Does anyone know how many people were arrested for gun crimes this year who had gun permits? Less than a handful. None that I know of. But of the people who WERE arrested for gun crimes, how many of them had criminal records? Nearly all. Do the research. The Inquirer occasionally publishes the statistics, usually when they have to. (Like to back up another aspect of this ongoing story) It seems that the vast majority of Philadelphia’s murder victims are black. That in itself should spur our local government into action. But what is the real kick in the teeth is that the murders aren’t whites, brown’s reds or blues. Their BLACK as well. The killers of your friends and family members are coming from your own community. For that you should be outraged. That YOUR elected representatives will not do anything to help you while you are being gunned down in the street is a CRIME!! I know that the WHITE community would not stand for it! If White people were being killed at the rate of 300+ a year there would be hell to pay. Instead the Democrat Party, that has ruled Philadelphia for 50+ years has NO SOLUTIONS! They have put African Americans in power only to abandon you. But we all know come November they will come round asking for your vote and pledging to “Work to find a solution” And lets be clear- The state Legislature, RIGHTFULLY SO, will not grant Philly the power to enact their own gun laws BECAUSE THEY CAN’T BE TRUSTED! They have shown they can’t run any of the following: The School District, the Parking Authority, The Housing Authority the City’s Finances, the Police Department, the Fire Department, or the Airport! So there is no way they will grant them power over one of our Constitutional Rights. Lets face it-the Police Department is so badly managed that the rate of solved murders is down to somewhere in the vicinity of 60%. So not only are the murderers killing people by the bushel, they are getting away with it!!! What I find strange is that there is a awful parallel between our crime problems and the Democrat party’s approach to the war on Islamofascism. They have NO plan as far as I can tell to defeat the terrorists except to bug out. Likewise they have NO plan to stop the mayhem right here in our own city. This isn’t Baghdad brother. 300 bodies. Philadelphia. NO EXCUSE FOR IT! CaptainAmerica

4 Responses to TALES OF THE GUN

  1. kateykakes says:

    I can’t add a single thing to that, Den.

    It’s ALL true…

    Fantastic post.

  2. Wyatt Earp says:

    We had a homicide last night (Fri) in my division, and a shooting about two hours ago.

    “We’re going to DisneyWorld!”

  3. Captain Den says:

    Yeah Philadelphia has it’s own TRIANGLE OF DEATH. It goes from North Philly to Northwest and out to West Philly. Check the statistics.

  4. Michael Hodges says:

    well put

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