Well my kids came home from school the other day with the new School District of Philadelphia calendar. My wife loves it because it has all the half days, teachers meetings and test weeks clearly marked. I on the other hand have a problem with it. It seems that some months are dedicated to ethnic minorities like: Sept.-Hispanic Heritage month. Nice. February- as always: African American History month. Go on… Lets see here…May-Asian Pacific-American History month. Huh? Who knew? What’s this…Uh ohhh. October. This is going to be a problem. GAY AND LESBIAN HISTORY MONTH. Are you kidding me? This is on a GRADE SCHOOL CALENDAR? Now don’t jump to conclusions. I don’t have anything against any group of this or that. Everyone is an assh*le to me until proven otherwise. That means I treat everyone as an individual and I either like you or don’t based on your merits. What you do in the privacy of your bedroom is up to you. I wish you much happiness. But lifestyles are not all the same. I don’t necessarily agree with them all and want no parts of some of them. I also do not want alternate lifestyles foisted upon my family, especially my children. I also think its beyond the pale for the Government in its capacity of the school board to endorse any lifestyle over another. I’m sorry but equating sexual preference with ethnic heritage is way out of line. I think its fine to acknowlege and celebrate our own cultural and religious backgrounds. It really is what makes our country strong. But sex is and should be a private matter. Why would you advertise this as Gay History Month to children who aren’t old enough to understand what sex is? Clearly there is an agenda to mainstream homosexuality and the younger you start the easier it is. Isn’t that the arguement with Joe Camel? Using cartoons to market cigarettes to kids so we create a new generation of smokers. So I am taking the school district to task here. One more thing: I’m still trying to figure out what month is European-American History Month. CaptainAmerica

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  1. kateykakes says:

    I read about this the other day, Den. I think it’s disturbing.

    And you’re right – sex IS and should be a private matter. I don’t want to hear (or my children to hear, for that matter) about someone else’s sexual escapades, whether it’s in school or even on the net.

    It’s bad enough that you can go to any website or blog and read about someone’s private sexual lives, but when they start trying to ram it down our childrens’s throats in school, it’s total BS.

    If two people of the same sex are into each other and ok with things – hey, that’s fine – just don’t try to make ME think it’s ok.

    I don’t want to hear about what goes on behind closed doors – gay or straight.

    Some people have NO morals; NO scruples – it’s obvious because they throw this crap in our faces and expect us all to be ok with it because they’re ok with it.

    I’m definitely fired up now, but I’ll shut up. I could go on and on…

  2. Captain Den says:

    Deep breaths…

  3. Wyatt Earp says:

    It’s like our parents used to say:

    “EVERY month is European-American History Month!”

  4. RT says:

    Just as annoying as the yearly faculty meeting via one of the child study team members to remind us not to say something is “gay” because it might upset a student who is closeted/or not. Ok…then tell everyone not to make fun of the fat kids, too. They are just as sensitive and have suicide rates, too. Sorry…I have a gay cousin and he turned out ok, well except for the gay thing. 😉 (He’s an awesome person…I’m protective.)

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