In some of my early posts I’ve referenced 911 a few times. Let me explain why. I have always been a Blogger, I just never sat down and started one (successfully). I’ve posted on other sites and have been involved in many discussions on line. All that changed last week when I ran across the Loose Change video. That’s a video that is circulating on the internet that claims all sorts of nonsense about 911. Mainly that it was an inside job pulled off by the government for various treacherous reasons. The fact that the video is completely devoid of fact or reality doesn’t seem to matter. As a firefighter I was stunned to see so many blatant inconsistencies in the video. Since this theory is built on a foundation of factual inaccuracies, the entire theory is disproved. If 2+2 doesn’t equal 4, how can 4-2=2? So I started out seething and wanting to disprove these conspiracy dopes for anyone who was unsure. Most people know the towers collapsed because the planes hit them. Simple enough. The loose Change video attempts to take people inside the collapse and teach them that what they saw wasn’t really what was going on. It’s slick, but its f*cked up. So I have many articles taken from professional Firefighting trade publications that I’ll post from time to time. I also have a link posted that does a real good job of laying out the facts of what happened. When it comes to 911 I’m no cool aid drinker. If I thought for one second that there was someone in our government that was behind this I would lead the mob to hang him. Like many in the emergency services /law enforcement / military community that day will forever be too painful to disrespect with lies and half truths. We know the truth. Its not out there somewhere, its at Ground Zero. CaptainAmerica

3 Responses to THE SCOOP ON 911

  1. Ssssteve says:

    Well said, Capt Dan! Love the site! I’ll blogroll you, who knows you might get an extra 3 hits a day out of it! HA!

    btw, wyatt’s mustache tickles!

  2. rachel says:

    I hope you’ve found “Screw Loose Change.” They take debunking the “debunkers” to a whole new level.

    And like ssssteve, I’m adding you to my links.

  3. Captain Den says:

    Yeah I saw it. Those guys stepped up and did a much better job than I could have. Although I know enough to shoot holes in their theories, my computer skills aren’t quite good enough to produce something like that. Anymore on the Internet, a slick production seems to trump facts and common sense. Thanks for checking in.

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