I just caught a little of Hannity & Colmes tonight. They were talking to some idiot professor Jim Fetzer. Anyone catch this Azzclown? He’s the genius that figured out 911 was an inside job. Somehow Rumsfeld killed 3,000 people but let the guy who figured it all out live. Hmmmm. He’s a PROFESSOR. Explain again to me how Rummy et all figured out how to convince lunatic Arabs to fly planes into our buildings on TV so we could blow them up… This guys a freak. He is really out there. Please don’t buy into his fantasy’s. More on the 911 conspiracy nuts later. CaptainAmerica

10 Responses to THE EVIL THAT MEN DO…

  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    How come the liberal whackos scream that Bush is an idiot, then in the same breath accuse him of being an Evil Genius???

  2. Tony B says:

    It seems to me this is the same kook that also determined that Senator Paul Wellstone was murdered here in MN in 2002. To keep up with this bunch of wackos keep an eye on the blog Screw Loose Change. I can’t remember the html for it, but I’ve got a link at my site.

  3. Captain Den says:

    Yeah dude I don’t get that. Can you imagine the amount of explosives that would not only have to be smuggeled into the WTC, but would have to be planted in the exact right spot and wired to explode in sequence? Without anyone noticing? All after so called bad pilots flew into exactly the right spots, and on and on and on etc.? The to do list is a hundred miles long.
    By the way it took forever to get the picture pasted in my profile. I’m done for tonight. See ya.

  4. jt says:

    I don’t see how they could have pulled all that stuff off, I mean, this is the same group of people who can’t seem to get my Tax Return check mailed anywhere near the time they say it will…

  5. Captain Den says:

    Yeah some people give the Government too much credit. Check out the 911 link.

  6. jt says:

    I have been following that for a while now – I kinda have a thing for conspiracies – but I don’t see how that is even plausible. Something on that scale would have involved a ton of people – even more than Roswell or JFK – and people, being people, can’t keep secrets, and that would be one helluva a secret to keep. It just isn’t possible.

    However, I can see them “creating” a conspiracy to keep the morons occupied while they go about the work of eliminating those responsible…

    But that is a whole different conspiracy…


  7. Captain Den says:

    You know when people who deal with these kinds of events see the events unfold, we know exactly whats going on. Its these idiot college kids and lunatic professors who will stop at nothing to advance their own agendas. Blaming this disaster on our government is giving a free pass to the Jihadists who by the way ARE STILL TRYING TO KILL US!!!!
    Plain & Simple

  8. RT says:

    Caught the rerun of it this morning. Even Combes was making Scooby-Doo faces. That guy was wacko! I’m glad I never had him, or the likes of him, for a professor while I was in college.

  9. Captain Den says:

    Yeah its pretty bad if Colmes thinks your a left wing wacko. Scooby Do faces…only Colmes can.

  10. jt says:

    That guy does kinda look like a Scooby-Snack…

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