Since my Blog still has the new car smell, I want to give you a little background noise about myself. This way when I get off on a future tangent you’ll know (possibly) where I am coming from. I think that’s important because we all come at life from different directions and we all have our own reality.
As I have already mentioned I’m an (almost) 40 married white boy with 2 crumb snatchers and a cat that owes me big time. I’m actually a dog guy but don’t have the patience to raise a third kid. I’m a professional firefighter in the Philly F.D. I am a Captain (Middle Management, GASP!) which means I get shit on from above and talked about from below.
I am a U.S. Army vet, (Cold War) discharged in 1989. I served in tanks and still have a fondness and deep respect for our armed forces. My brother-in-law is a NAVY pilot. While in the service I was sent to Germany where I met my wife. (Couldn’t score an American babe) When she came here to the states I duped her and we got married. We had to go through the immigration process, LEGALLY. I am a gun owner, (Have you looked outside lately?) NRA member, and a pissed off Irish Catholic (ANOTHER GASP).

I think we should not only build a wall on the southern border, we should lay mines in front of it. (No sense making it easy to scale) I actually saw the Berlin Wall. I can tell you first hand it DID exist. Those crazy bastards actually cut a city in half with a WALL! Guess what- IT WORKED! I went through Checkpoint Charlie and still have the orders to prove it. In 40+ years only a handful of people made it over and didn’t get caught.
I think our national food should be the cheesteak. I advise anyone stopping by Philly to go see Joey Vento at GENO’s steaks in South Philly for a proper steak sandwich. Plus Joey in known in the neighborhood to be a stand up guy. KNOWHATIMEAN?
As for education, I have a minor degree in Criminal Justice and enough credits to have my other degree twice over. One of these days I’ll finish school, maybe. I’m a conservative Republican but that doesn’t mean I’m unreasonable. That would make me a Democrat. For example who would turn down a tag team with Anne Coulter and Michelle Malkin?? Honestly, anybody?? Thought not. Oh yeah I am absolutely from the Howard Stern school of comedy. After 15 years in the firehouse you get some pretty thick skin. I think just about everything has some humor in it. If your easily offended this probably ain’t the Blog for you. I won’t go out of my way to offend anyone, except fags, but if opportunity presents itself… ITS ON!! And I absolutely believe in sarcasm. So when your reading my nonsense, keep in mind that I ‘m probably in need of some type of therapy. Just laugh quietly from a distance but please don’t point. Pointing is still rude.

5 Responses to ABOUT THE AUTHOR

  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    I thought you smuggled your lovely bride across the Berlin Wall???

  2. Wyatt Earp says:

    BTW, the new logo is fabulous!

  3. Captain Den says:

    As is your mustache!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    “…I won’t go out of my way to offend anyone, except fags…”

    Awww- still not secure in your sexuality, johnnycakes? An ex biker fireman who has a cat? Who sleeps in a house full of men?

    Hopefully your not teaching your children

  5. Captain Den says:

    Stand by I’m going to pull a McGreevy any second now. Does my shield clash with these boots? FYI the cats a lesbian:)

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