I just want to thank my buddy Wyatt (The Gunfighter) for helping me get my blog up and running. Between the two of us we manage a complete brain. I’ll be messing around with the style and format for a while until I get comfortable with it, please don’t call you’ll only get a recording. Also I can’t promise any consistency because I’m a professional firefighter and my schedule is a bit off compared to everyone else. Throw in the wife & kids, the clandestine flights to Uruguay, the Russian girlfriend (BITCH!) four carnivorous man eating hamsters and I’ll be lucky if I ever post again. So enjoy it while it lasts and please let me know what you think.


  1. Michael Hodges says:

    welcome! 🙂

    i’ll bookmark ya and check back in later.

  2. Tyler D. says:

    Welcome to the Blog-o-sphere Captain.

  3. Peakah says:

    Any friend of Wyatt must be a twisted kin of mine…

    Glad to have ya to check in with now and then to reconfirm my own sanity…

    Let the blogging madness begin.

  4. frhe sjgg says:

    Wyatt sent me ! Hppy Blogging !

    Anne Elizabeth of MakeMyCopCome

  5. The Man says:

    Welcome and I hope you got the side of the brain that works.

  6. Ssssteve says:

    Welcome, and whatever wyatt says about me is a lie!

  7. RT says:

    Welcome to our bloggy-world!

  8. Captain Den says:

    Thanks all. I’ll try not to disappoint!

  9. rachel says:

    carnivorous man eating hamsters?!

  10. kateykakes says:

    Congrats and welcome to the world of blog, Denny. I wish you all the best with it.

    I’ll be reading you…

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